Adding an Ad Hoc Item


Area101 understands that your customers want flexibility. Whether it’s special after-hours events, deliveries to offsite locations, or special request items—options  make customers happy. Did you know that our Commercial product makes it very easy to handle special request items on orders? If not, here’s how it works:


In the back office you can add custom items to any order using the Ad Hoc items feature. Ad Hoc items can be anything from a special service or delivery fee to an off menu item. Adding an Ad Hoc item is easy. First, pull up the order you want to add the custom item to. Scroll down to the bottom of the order items list and you will see a blank field (This is the Ad Hoc field). Simply enter your item name, quantity, and price in this field and you’ve added the Ad Hoc item.


Here’s an example: Let’s say you want to allow a customer to order an off menu cake for a retirement party. You can name this item anything you like and that’s how it will appear on the invoice. We’ll call this one Retirement Party Cake:


After you’ve set up the item name, you need to add the item quantity and the price. Once these are entered, the order total will update to reflect the new Ad Hoc item and its price!


Ad Hoc items allow you flexibility with your menu, which in turn allows you the flexibility to meet your customer’s needs.



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