How to Reset a Customer's Password


One common (and typically frustrating!) fact these days is that everyone is inundated with passwords.


From your bank account and cable service to taxes and email—or even your fantasy football website—passwords are required for pretty much everything. With so many to remember, it’s not surprising that from time to time your customers may forget their password to log in and place catering orders. When this happens, you have no reason to worry – Commercial makes resetting a customer’s password fast and easy!


To start, do a customer search to find the customer in question. You can search for a customer by email address, name, or even phone number.


After you’ve found the customer, click their name to load the customer edit page. 


On the top left you will see an icon that looks like a lock – if you hover over this it will display “Change Customer Password”.


Click on this icon and you will be prompted to change the password and the password hint for the customer.


That’s it!


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