How to Remove an Invoice


A routine task in your daily catering process is likely invoicing. Invoicing allows you to process and balance orders, as well as gives you the option to run invoice-specific reports.


Any completed order can be invoiced. Given this knowledge, what do you do if you accidentally invoice a completed order prematurely? This is something that does happen, but not to fear, it’s very easy to remove an invoiced order and restore its previous status. Here are the steps to follow:


  1. The first step we need to take is to track down the invoice itself.  You can search for an invoice by looking up the specific Invoice # (which is different from the Order #!), Date, Invoice Amount, or Billing Name. Searching for any of these fields will show all results that fit the search criteria.
  2. You are then able to select your invoice by clicking on the invoice number found on the left. This will populate the page with your invoice and will give you all the options of printing, running reports, or emailing the invoice. In addition to these fields, you’ll also see the invoice populated under the “Line Items” section.
  3. At the far right of your invoice line is a trash can icon. Clicking this will allow you to delete or remove the invoice. After doing this—voila!—your order will have now returned to its completed status.


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