Search for Orders by Transaction Type


Have you found yourself needing to locate all the orders under a particular payment type but don’t need a full report? You can use the Transactions Search to give you this by location, dates and even targeted order or invoice ranges without running a full report.


To run a transaction search:

  1. Log into the back office
  2. Open Sell Management
  3. Open Financials
  4. Open Transactions
  5. Click on search
  6. Fill in the search criteria desired and click the search button


Unlike a report, the output from the search will provide you a quick listing of the transactions matching your criteria.


One difference with this search is that you can specify the exact transaction value (i.e. a specific cost center or department code) or pull just those transactions for a single client if needed. The same funcitonality holds true for the reporting, but if you don’t need the output for printing or export, this feature can save you time.


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