Setting Hours and Closed Days


It’s getting to be that time again to evaluate your hours of operations and your closed days for the upcoming year. Changing your hours and closed days is an annual based event for most and making those changes is just another part of managing your site.


To change the business hours or your closed days:


    1. Log into the back office as a manager who has permission to the site
    2. Open Unit Management
    3. Open the location you want to change 


If you have more than one, you will need to perform the steps below for each location.


    1. Open Unit Rules
    2. Open Hours
    3. Review your hours and display hours for the upcoming year
        • These you will want to change right after the New Year to start things off right.
        • Remember that the display hours are like hanging the sign out front for your clients and the hours are your real operating hours. The hours dictate the ordering clients can perform.
    1. Review your closed days for the upcoming year
        • Closed days are listed with no year, so for those holidays that change dates, you will need to look these over for the upcoming year. Changing dates for the upcoming year should be done for dates that have already past this year and not for dates that are coming up. Otherwise, your changes may influence your client’s upcoming events. 

Marking your changes early makes the end of year rule review easier. Marking 01/01 in your calendars is also a good way to remind yourself of changes that are coming up so that you don’t forget to make them for the New Year.


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