Setting Item Availability by Date


Some items in your menu may require dates where the item is no longer orderable during a given time period. Typically this would occur with physical items, like projectors or table clothes. You may need to periodically send items for cleaning or repair, and the application provides you a way to block out those times needed.

This can be performed by following these steps:

  1. Log into the back office
  2. Open Unit Management
  3. Open your location
  4. Open Menu Management
  5. Open Search to locate the item in question
  6. Click on the item name from the list of items matching your search
  7. On the top navigation, click on exceptions
  8. Click create to start a new time block
  9. Fill out the date range from the date and times you want to block out and provide the message you want presented to your client when they attempt to order during that time. The rule name is just a label where you can specify why this rule is being used – Cleaning days as an example maybe a good rule name.
  10. Click the create button to generate your new exception rule.

You can have as many rules as you need on a given item. The rules you provide will be enforced and clients will be presented with the new message if they attempt to order that item in the given time-frame you specify.

This is a good way to control your items without having to inactivate or remove the item to prevent your users from ordering it.


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