Defining Email Addresses on Order Emails


Area101 support gets a lot of order change requests from the purchasers which get forwarded to the local catering office to handle each day. These emails often times come from the purchasers order email response where the purchaser needs to add or remove items from their order.


As back office managers, you can set the reply to feature on the email configuration to have those emails go back to your staff on the reply action of the emails sent out. This trick allows you to immediately receive the customer’s emails when they reply to the particular email and allows your staff to act faster to those issues without having any Area101 support team involvement.


Setting the reply to on a given email can be done by:

  1. Log into the back office with an account which has permissions to change emails


Your account may need to have permission granted to it to make the changes below:

  1. Open Unit Management
  2. Open Configure
  3. Open Email
  4. Click on the email you want to change (Purchaser Order Email as an example)
  5. Click on the top right destination (Reply)
  6. Check one of the dynamic boxes or fill in the email you want the reply to sent to and click update.


Following these steps allow you to define the email address you want your site’s emails to go to when the purchaser clicks reply from the emails they receive from the application.


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